Changes to HPS Structure and Competitions from next season, starting in September 2018.

These are brief notes on what was agreed at the AGM on Friday, 25th May 2018. Official full details will be posted  in due course.

  1. The Standard and Advanced Sections will be combined into one  common section.
  2. The entries, into competitions, by new members (inexperienced in photographic club competitions) will be identified as such to the judges who will be asked to select the "Best Newcomer Image".
  3. Competitions will be reduced to four divisions:
    •  Prints - Colour
    • Prints - Monochrome
    • Projected Digital Images (PDI) - Colour
    • PDI - Monochrome
    Members may then enter upto three Prints divided as they wish between the Colour and Monochrome divisions. Members may also enter upto three digital images divided as they wish, as per the Prints, between the Colour abd Monochrome divisions. As in previous years, Print entries must be accompanied by corresponding digital versions.
  4. The triptych competition is slightly different in that only two Print and two PDI entries are allowed. In addition, Triptych entries MUST consist of three images on a plain mount card (of the usual 500mm * 400mm) or on a plain canvas of 1600px * 1200px in the case of PDI entries.
  5. As previously, images entered in Print and PDI competitions may only be entered ONCE. The exception here is that images used in Triptych or Audio-Visual competitions may be used elsewhere.


The Next Competitions

The subjects for competitions in the 2018 / 2019 season are:

 Open Subject   * 2







but not necessarily in that order!

Short Cuts
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