ALL entries in ALL competitions must be judged anonymously.

 1. Only fully paid up members and life members are eligible to enter competitions.

 2. There are League and Annual Competitions that carry points for those who receive awards.

 3. There are FIVE sections in these competitions :

    1. Standard Colour Prints
    2. Monochrome Prints (combined Standard and Advanced)
    3. Advanced Colour Prints
    4. Standard Projected Digital Images (PDI)
    5. Advanced PDI

  4. Any member entering competitions for the first time will be placed in the Standard Section – unless the member submits images for assessment to the Executive Committee for consideration for the Advanced Section.

  5. Prints must be mounted on card measuring 500mm x 400mm. The prints, themselves, may be of ANY size (A3, A4, trimmed, etc.) so long as they fit within the specified size of the mount.

  6.  PDI images must accompany print entries at or before the entry date.

  7.  PDI may be monochrome or colour and must be 1600px by 1200px in dimension including the canvas and be in sRGB colour space.

(NB Instructions for preparing digital images are on our HPS Website.)

  8.  Any image may only be entered in one League and one Annual Competition.

This is with the exception of the Print Panel and Audiovisual Competitions (refer to 14 and 15 below)

  9.  Entries must be handed in on the dates as shown on the syllabus.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Print entries must also be accompanied by our official entry form, available on our website.

10. Adjudication of all entries is solely by an independent judge whose decision is final.


There are six league competitions that include ‘Nature’ and ‘People’ and four other themes decided by the Executive Committee.

Up to two entries per member are permitted in each section.

Each entrant in a section will receive one point.

The top five who receive awards will be allocated additional points :

1st        =          5 points
2nd        =          4 points
3rd        =          3 points
4th        =          2 points
5th        =          1 point


There are two Annual Competitions :

      • Annual Projected Image
      • Annual Print

Up to three entries are permitted for each member.

The points allocations for the Annual Competitions are :

                                    1st        =          6 points
                                    2nd        =          5 points
                                    3rd        =          4 points
  Very Highly Commended      =          3 points
           Highly Commended      =          2 points
                      Commended      =          1 point


The ‘Geoff Harrison Trophy’ is awarded to the member with highest points in the combined League and Annual Competitions.

This excludes the Print Panel and Audio Visual Competitions.


The Print Panel Competition is currently replaced by a Triptych Competition. This consists of three images mounted on a single card of the usual 500mm by 400mm. There is also a PDI version of this competition where the three images must be combined on a single 1600 by 1200 pixel canvas. Print entries must also be accompanied by the usual digital image copy (as per PDI entries). Any images submitted in this Triptych competition may also be used in any League, Annual or AV competition.


  Members can submit a maximum of two AVs which must not display the author’s name.

No sequence should last longer than 8 minutes. If two AVs are submitted by a member then the maximum length of both sequences must not exceed 10 minutes.

Sequences may be accompanied by song, music and/or dialogue and sound effects. If using commercial copyrighted songs or music, the member must ensure he/she has the appropriate IAC License - www.theiac.org.uk.

No League points are allocated in this competition but a trophy will be awarded.

Any image submitted in an AV category can be used in any League, Annual or Panel Competition.


The Competitions and Rules shall not be altered or rescinded except with the approval and consent of at least two thirds of the voting members present at an AGM. The notice convening the meeting shall set forth the terms of the proposed revision.

 Approved by EGM on 12 September 2014-09-23

 Review date in May 2018

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