Competitions for 2006/2007

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League Competitions
Any Subject (Open)
Any Subject (Open)
Contra Jour
Three on a Theme
 Annual Competition Results 

Photographer of the Year              Mike Pill, ARPS

League Results

              Advanced Colour Prints           Georgina Keena, ARPS
            Standard Colour Prints           Chris Richards         
            Monochrome Prints                Mike Pill, ARPS       
            Advanced Slides                    Michael Armstrong
            Standard Slides                    Pat Garrett          

Annual Competitions

            Advanced Colour Prints          Paul White, ARPS
            Standard Colour Prints           Margaret Williams
            Monochrome Prints              TJ Peter Williams
                             Advanced Slides                  Garry Evans, ARPS, DPAGB     
        Standard Slides                 Colin Phillips 
                   Advanced Nature Prints       Georgina Keena, ARPS
             Standard Nature Prints         Dave Peate          
               Advanced Nature Slides        Alan Barrow, ARPS 
       Standard Nature Slides        Dave Peate
           Advanced People Prints       Mike Pill, ARPS
            Standard People Prints        Chris Gill, LRPS
             Advanced People Slides         Margaret French
    Standard People Slides         Iris Elliot
            Nature Print Trophy          Dave Peate
                     Nature Slide Trophy         Alan Barrow, ARPS
            Standard Print Panel         Martin Eves
                               Audio Visual Trophy          Garry Evans, ARPS, DPAGB
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