This section of our web site is designed to allow members to display their work. There are no rules (other than those of propriety) as to the images members may submit for display or to the standard attained by the member. The images may be those they have entered in Competitions and which have caught the Judge's eye, images they have decided not to enter in Competitions or even images that have been entered in Competitions but which the Judge passed over.

It is now possible for members to upload their own images directly to the web site. This is done by registering on the web site and logging-in to configure their Gallery and upload their images. "Gallery Control" requires registration and log-in. "Gallery Index" allows viewing of these images and, if logged-in, provides further image upload facilities. Instructions on how to do this may be found by clicking Using the Members Gallery - FAQs. Alternatively, your images may be passed to the Web Master on a Society Evening and he will upload them for you.

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