Heswall Photographic Society (HPS) is established with the objects set out in its constitution and is a data controller within the UK.

The Personal information referred to in this Policy may include name, contact details, service records, records of entries to events, photographic qualifications and areas of photographic expertise; memberships of other photographic societies; and such other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of HPS. Any person wishing to verify the information held by HPS may apply to the Secretary.

HPS collects and holds personal information about:

1          Its members; the executive committees of itself; others who assist those executive committees; those offering their services to HPS e.g. as speakers or judges; and those former members who wish to remain associated with HPS. This information is used to facilitate administration and services and therefore:

     the information is compiled into paper and electronic documents ie: membership application forms; a database of membership details; minutes of meetings; a database of competition entries and outcomes; internal surveys; visitor applications and attendance; and enquirers contact details;

     information about and contact details for committee members is included in an annual syllabus, which also identifies a number of other HPS role holders; speakers and judges; trophy winners in the preceding year; and those with Honorary Life Membership;

     HPS has an external website which provides: committee members names and contact details; lecturers for the current season; details of club mentors; winners of internal and external competitions with the relevant image; and anonymous non-winning competition entries.

2          Others necessary for the conduct of the business of HPS.

     This information is used to satisfy a requested service or a contractual requirement and may be retained to confirm the outcome.

3          The history of HPS – for example lists of past committee members and images of past HPS events.

Members have the right to see and verify personal data about them held by HPS.

Personal information held by HPS will be used only for the legitimate purposes of the Society and will not be shared with third parties without explicit individual consent.

This Policy has been prepared in the light of advice from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain available at http://www.thepagb.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/data_protection.pdf

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